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EmployABILITY is a trend setting job opportunities fair annually organised by Ability Foundation, that brings together discerning employers and qualified persons with disabilities on a unique equal opportunities and non discriminating platform.

From the very first time that it was conducted in 2004, EmployABILITY has been hailed as a landmark event for bringing together qualified candidates with disabilities and committed equal opportunity employers.

EmployABILITY offers a unique platform for all discerning employers the opportunity to meet a wealth of qualified persons with disabilities whose resumes will be matched to suit your every job requirement.

EmployABILITY provides employers excellent opportunities to recruit the candidate that they seek. It also emphasises their standing as a discerning employer who provides equitable and unbiased employment opportunities.

We do believe...

  • That… employment is not just a statistical issue. On the ground, employment is a practical issue, but it is also a human rights and entitlements issue, and it is a bread and butter issue.
  • That… people with disabilities have a right to just get their due with no place for pity or charity… what is vital is a level playing field giving equal opportunities to everyone, evaluating each one on a fair scale basis of their qualifications and skills.
  • That… an unbiased attitude on the capabilities of persons with disabilities and a willingness to provide reasonable accommodation at the workplace, will go a long way in making equal opportunity employment a reality in our country.
  • That… more and more companies are today, positive about hiring disabled persons on basis of their qualifications and skills and company requirements and their eyes have now been opened to the fact that people with disabilities are a valuable human resource potential.
  • That… there is a vast wealth of human resource potential amidst people with disabilities… all disabilities… waiting to be tapped for the benefit of all concerned.
  • That… once sensitised to the fact that hiring disabled people makes business sense, more and more companies will willingly come forward to hire persons with disabilities.
  • That… hiring people with disabilities is a part of human resource and recruitment policy, not merely CSR.