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Who we are

We are the dreamers of a better world. A world without barriers. A world where being disabled does not automatically equate with being disadvantaged… where words like “empathy” and “empowerment” forever replace “pity” and “neglect”… where access in every sense and equitable opportunities are the norm. A world where every person is judged only on individual merit, strength and character. A world where every disability – be it physical, intellectual or psychological, is accepted as a diversity to be respected and accommodated.

Established in 1995, Ability Foundation works for the empowerment, integration and rights of people with disabilities. With mainstreaming and inclusion as its constant theme, the Foundation has initiated a slew of innovative programmes that aim at total inclusion of people with disabilities. For us at Ability Foundation, disability is an issue that concerns the rights of people.

We work ceaselessly for the creation of a society that recognises the value of diversity. People with disabilities are to be seen as part of the infinite richness of diversity and must be accorded the same spaces and avenues for empowerment as everyone else. Our philosophy is one of total inclusion.

Towards these goals we engage in a spectrum of activities that include publishing & media, education & employment, culture & recreation, legislation & human rights. Put together, they make up a continuum. We believe that given the right opportunities at the right time, so much more is possible. All it takes is an open mind.