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Radio Programme

Information dissemination is a prime area of focus at Ability Foundation – through our Publishing Wing and Media Wing. The power of the radio, despite the strides of all other electronic media, continues to dominate as an extremely stunning medium for information dissemination. In Year 2002, Ability Foundation, in collaboration with All India Radio (Chennai) initiated what was, at that time, a major breakthrough in disability related information dissemination. What began as a pilot project for 6 months became such a popular weekly programme that it continued for over five years. This addressed the widespread need for channelising people towards proper guidance, and counters the paucity of information on disability issues. We continued in a similar vein through our weekly programme on “World Space” Satellite Radios on their “Moksha” station. The vital need to inform, interest and inspire in the right way, generating optimism, idealism and hope, formed the gist of the hour-long weekly broadcasts called “Celebrating Diversity”.

If you would like to contact us in regard to any radio-broadcasting services, please mail us at: information@abilityfoundation.org