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We welcome you to write to us… voice your thoughts… have your say…ask us… tell us… argue with us… laugh, or applaud or despair with us…

Information dissemination, you’ll agree is the need of the hour; and we aim to reach out… to you and to others like you. Anything that you feel strongly about, questions you want answered, injustices you want brought to notice, happenings – both good and bad, anecdotes, events, incidents, stories – do tell us; together we’ll tell the world. It's important to keep in touch.

Ability Foundation constantly endeavours to create facilities for the utilisation of the skills and abilities of disabled people towards right-based empowerment in order for them to contribute effectively to society.

Along this route, we also take up challenging assignments that pave the way towards dispelling some of the stereotypic and misleading ideas on the potentials and capabilities of disabled persons.

If you would your article/letter to the editor/subscribe to “Success & ABILITY”, sponsor one issue or place an advertisement or make an announcement, become our correspondent for your region… we look forward to your email to magazine@abilityfoundation.org

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